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Mumbai, the city of dreams—still referred to as Bombay by some, is home to millions who work, study, visit and keep coming back for more. Termed as the city that never sleeps and always on the move, Mumbai is the most fast-paced, vibrant city in India. Thanks to all the cultural infusions received over the centuries, Mumbai stands tall with rich culture, history, religion and traditions. A lot of this history can be seen through the many forts, monuments, caves and museums situated in and around Mumbai.

Travelling around this city can be quite an adventure with the infamous cab, railways—the lifeline of the city and within the suburbs, the three-wheeled auto rickshaws. Mumbai now also has its very own Monorail and Metro line connecting the previously distant parts of this wide city.

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Our Mumbai office is located in the city’s largest suburb, Andheri. It is centrally located and is accessible from all parts of the city via the western and harbor line railways and by the Metro, which is why we have employees that travel from even Thane, Khopoli and Palghar. Our work culture is innovative and dynamic with the perfect balance of flexibility and professionalism.

We have a predominantly young and enthusiastic workforce of talented graduates and we also have a fair share of skilled, experienced professionals who have been with the company for years. To keep spirits up and encourage employee engagement, human resources organizes monthly and quarterly award ceremonies, the annual anniversary party and activities such as annual cricket and football leagues, festive week celebrations, and so on. We also give back to the community with Diwali and Christmas week donations and have a Corporate Social Responsibility drive coming up.

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